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Central to our life together is sharing in the fellowship of the church. In addition to our choir, there are many opportunities to join in fellowship at First Presbyterian. We strive to make every gathering of large or small groups in the church a time for fellowship and community.


PW stands for Presbyterian Women, which includes all the women of the church, even those who are unable to attend regular meetings. PW meets the second Monday of each month at the church (1:30 PM) for study and fellowship. PW holds hold a fundraising auction and the money is used to help support the Good Samaritan Center of White County, the Vera Lloyd Children’s Home in Monticello, various outreach programs (both national and international) through our Presbytery, and items needed for our church building that are not covered by other means. 2021 will be our fourteenth year to provide scholarship money for some of our youth to attend Ferncliff Summer Camp.


Throughout the year special events and meals are held to celebrate holidays and seasons in the life of the church. All fellowship events are open to members and friends alike.

Some special events include:

  • Worship at Presbyterian Park
  • Potlucks to Commemorate Special Days
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Service


After 100+ meetings and the tasting of nearly 400 different bottles of wine the FPC wine club is still having fun! We have observed and tasted the comings and goings of different wine trends and fads and we are still finding things to learn about.

While the general information is cumulative, each meeting (wine class) is designed to be “stand alone” and questions are always welcome. Some of us attend every meeting and others just come whenever they are able. Generally we pick a single grape to learn about and then sample wine from all over the world representing the gamut of styles possible to make. Our goal – to learn enough that we have an 80% chance of buying a wine in a restaurant or store that we will enjoy – has never changed. While no one will ever know every wine and winery in the world, one can learn enough to ask the proper questions to arrive at an informed decision. It’s not only fun, but cost effective as well.